FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you promote any particular diet?
The Food Revolution Network is working for more healthy, sustainable, humane and conscious food for all. The experts we trust generally point towards a more whole, local, sustainably produced, natural, organic, non-gmo, plant-strong, humane and fairly traded foods. We believe that eating simple food in a healthy body with a clean conscience is more pleasurable, and infinitely more satisfying, then eating decadent food that makes you and your world ill.

How can I promote your work?
Spread the word about our petition to the FDA by sending people to http://gmosummit.org, and “Like” the Food Revolution Network on Facebook here. Spread the word when you see posts you want to share. You can also become an affiliate, which enables you to generate revenues when you spread the word about our work.  Find out more here.

How do I login?
Our login page is here. If you are a customer and have forgotten your password, or need help logging in, please contact our customer support team for assistance by emailing us here.

What was the GMO Mini-Summit and when was it recorded?
The GMO Mini-Summit was organized as a partnership between the Food Revolution Network and the Institute for Responsible Technology in October and November of 2013. More than 42,000 people signed up to listen to cutting edge interviews that John Robbins and Jeffrey Smith conducted with some of the top food safety and GMO experts on the planet. Now those presentations have been edited and updated, along with a series of bonus materials. The result is the creation of the GMO Mini-Summit Empowerment Package.

How do I download recordings and burn them onto a CD?
The GMO Mini-Summit empowerment package is available in digital form only. After purchase, you will find instructions for burning CDs from the digital version, which all Empowerment Package customers have access to. And here they are, as well:

  • To save files to your hard drive, Right click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Mac) on the download link and select the option to save the file (e.g. “Save Link As” in Firefox or Chrome or Safari, “Save Target As” in Internet Explorer).
  • After the file is on your computer, you can import it into iTunes by clicking on the iTunes File menu, and clicking “Add File to Library”. Or, you can import it into any other desktop jukebox (e.g. doubleTwist for Android).
  • iTunes and similar applications allow you to create CDs, or you can play the files directly from your mobile device.

When can I expect to receive my Empowerment Package?
The instant you make a purchase, you will be given login instructions and the opportunity to create a password. Once you login, you’ll have instant access to the entire collection of interviews and bonuses. And they’ll be yours for life.

Do you need volunteers or have employment available?
The Institute for Responsible Technology co-produced the GMO Mini-Summit, and the organization loves volunteers! Check out the IRT volunteers page here.

The Food Revolution Network loves volunteers, too! You can visit the Food Revolution Network’s internship page to share your background and level of availability, and to request more information on current needs.

What is your refund policy and process?
We offer a full refund for empowerment package purchased on our website, within 30 days of date of purchase. If you are not satisfied for any reason, please contact us within 30 days by emailing us at [email protected]. Please put “Refund” in the subject and give us the email address you used with your purchase, and we will gladly and promptly issue you a full refund. If you are comfortable telling us why you are requesting a refund, we appreciate the feedback.

Why do you charge for the Empowerment Package?
We make all of the GMO Mini-Summit’s initial broadcasts and replays available for free and that enables us to reach tens of thousands of people. We also offer the Empowerment Packages for a fee, and this enables us provide some added value to those who want it while also covering operating costs, and hopefully generating enough funding to make promotion appealing to our affiliates and to support our organization and future projects.

Where does the money go for sales of the Empowerment Package?
Much of our outreach is done by affiliates who receive up to 50% of revenues from any sales they help generate. Our affiliates spread the word to many hundreds of thousands of people, and we are grateful to them. As well, many of them are non-profit organizations that are doing wonderful work we are glad to support. There are also many hard costs including website design and development, infrastructure, list management, call hosting, organizing staff time, customer support, getting calls transcribed, credit card fees, etc. Empowerment package sales cover these costs. And if we are successful in generating any profits – 100% of profits will go to support the Food Revolution Network’s work on behalf of federal mandatory GMO labeling.